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蔬食A計劃 / Vege Plan A

14-08 @ 00:00:00 - 25-11 @ 23:59:00

《蔬食A計劃》不僅僅是基於宗教、信仰或健康養生的理由, 而是一項攸關人類存亡的工程, 這裡的“A”,有三個意涵,
2、Anti-global warming反全球暖化:畜牧業排放的溫室氣體占全球18%,人類排放甲烷(是二氧化碳暖化潛能的23倍)和氨(主要導致酸雨)總量的37%和64%來自畜牧業,更占了和人類有關的一氧化二氮排放量的65%,而一氧化二氮全球暖化潛能是二氧化碳的296倍。
3、Anti-ecological catastrophe反生態浩劫:全球暖化帶給野生物種的生存和棲息地極大的壓力,加上森林砍伐、污染和過度捕撈等活動,在過去40年來,已經讓地球失去一半的動物。2015年《科學》期刊發表的研究指出,再不採取行動遏止氣候變遷,全球1/6的物種將會走向滅絕。
4、Anti-environmental damage反環境破壞:根據聯合國糧食及農業組織的新報告,畜牧業佔用了整個地球土地面積的30%,更是森林被毀壞的主要驅動因素,例如亞馬遜地區原有森林的大約70%被用來放牧。畜群同時造成大範圍土地退化,荒漠化蔓延,更導致海洋生態系統生物多樣性的喪失,造成水污染、富營養化和珊瑚礁退化。
5、Anti-abuse of animals反虐待動物:牧業在利字當頭下虐待動物已是常態,長大後不會生蛋的雄性小雞被活生生的放進攪碎機,牛、豬、雞等被困在窄小的鐵籠之中餵養,連轉身的空間都沒有,雞被打針來增加體重,但重得雙腳根本無法支撐;鵝被強行灌食,肝臟負荷超標以生產高價的鵝肝醬,當然還有慘不忍睹的屠宰等著牠們。

您選擇的食物決定著因飢餓而瀕臨死亡的第三世界兒童們的命運, 也直接關連到被虐待動物數量的增加或減少, 更關係著地球還能存在多久。
如果我們再拖十年,地球將可能永遠成一顆無法居住的星球。 您願意開始採取行動嗎?




” VEGE PLAN A ” is not only based on religion, belief or health reasons,rather, it is a project of great concern on human existence.“A” has three connotations

    • The best strategy: Vegetarian food is the best strategy to slow down global warming and solve food crisis.(The United Nations recently concluded that turning the world into vegan is the key to solve the most serious problems caused by climate change.)
    • Action:To be on vegetarian diet must be specific actions and not slogans.
    • The choice of vegetarian food is to support five specific protective actions:


Every 2.3 seconds, a child dies from hunger. Yet, the resources consume by a meat eater can provide the need of 20 to 50 vegetarians.

2、Anti-global warming:

The greenhouse gases emitted by animal husbandry account for 18% in the world. Human discharge of methane (23 times that of carbon dioxide warming potential) and ammonia (mainly lead to acid rain) the total amount of 37% and 64% are from animal husbandry . Even more, it accounts for 65% of the total nitrous oxide emissions related to human beings, while the global warming potential of nitrous oxide is 296 times that of carbon dioxide.

3、Anti-ecological catastrophe:

Global warming brings great pressure to the survival and perching of biological species, plus deforestation, pollution and overfishing. In the past 40 years, the earth has lost half of the animals. Studies published in “Science” in 2015 indicate that if no actions are taken to curb climate change, 1/6 of the animal species will go extinct.

4、Anti-environmental damage:

According to the latest report of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, animal husbandry occupies 30% of the land area of the earth, even more, it is the main driving factor of forest destruction. For example, about 70% of the Amazon forest is used for grazing. The herd also causes a large scale of land degradation and the spread of desertification, which lead to the loss of biodiversity in the marine ecosystem, resulting in water pollution, eutrophication and the degradation of coral reefs.

5、Anti-abuse of animals:

For making profit, it is normal for animal husbandry to abuse animals. The grown male chicks which do not lay eggs are put into the crusher. Cattle, pigs and chickens are trapped in narrow cages with no spaces to turn around. Chickens were injected for weight gain that are too heavy for their feet to support. The goose was force fed so that the liver load exceed the standard to produce high value foie gras. And of course , the slaughtering of these animal is too horrible to look at.

The food you choose determines the fate of the third world children dying of hunger. It is also directly related to the increase or decrease in the number of abused animals. Even more, it affects how long the earth could exist.
If we drag on for another ten years, the earth will probably become an uninhabitable planet. AAre you willing to take action now?

Let’s start from cutting down on eating meat while doing environmental protection in saving energy and reducing carbon emission!

Fo Guang Shan Temple Berlin invites you to participate in the petition to the “Vege Plan A”



14-08 @ 00:00:00
25-11 @ 23:59:00
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